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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding this tennis betting portal or our work and services? Do you need any kind of our assistance? We have written down a list of the most frequently asked questions by our visitors, so you could find your answer here but do not hesitate to contact us if your question remained unanswered.

Where can I find betting results of your tennis picks and your overall betting record?

The list of all our tennis picks with results and betting statistics is to be found at Betting Record page.

How do I know the betting results and overall betting record claimed are genuine?

In order to garant our visitors that results of all our tennis picks and our overall betting performance are 100% accurate and that we play fair and do not use any dubious methods, we are, from the very first pick, monitored by independent companies. Read more about the independent verification process.

How can I access your tennis picks?

All our tennis picks are published at web site. In addition we highly recommend you to subscribe for our newsletter if you do not want to miss any of them. This way you will get notified about newly published tennis picks by emails.

Do I have to pay for access to Tennis Desire web site and your tennis picks?

No, you don't. Our site is fully free and no payments are needed for access to our tennis picks.

What should I do if I face problems when subscribing for your newsletter / I do not recieve newsletters?

Please check your spam folder in your mailbox if you didn't recieve a confirmation email after subscribing to our newsletter or contact us and we will manually add your email address to our system. It may happen that your email provider considers our newsletters as spam.

What is the average number of tennis picks you publish per month?

We do not set any goal in this area and the number of published tennis picks heavily depends on the tennis betting offer during a given month. We expect to publish about 30-50 tennis picks per month.

At what time do you publish your tennis picks?

All our tennis picks are on most occassions made available for public at least 2 hours before the starting time of the match but often much longer before it.

Which online bookmakers do you use in your tennis predictions?

The majority of our tennis picks is recommended at PinnacleSports, clearly the best and most professional online bookmaker, but we also use 1xbet, 5Dimes, Bet365 and some other respected bookmakers.

What kind of a staking plan do you use / what does an "Unit" mean?

Our tennis picks are recommended on 1 to 10 units scale with 10 being the maximum bet. A "unit" is a measurement tool used in sports betting that tells you how much you should bet on a match. One unit can represent 10 USD or 1000 USD, it all depends on your betting bankroll and staking plan. Also read how to set the right money management plan.

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