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Tennis Betting Picks, Predictions & Tips

How to Bet on Tennis Online

Tennis betting and the sports betting in general may be one of the most profitable ways of investing your money but many factors have to be taken into account before placing your tennis bets in order to achieve a long term profit. Tennis betting can be one of the most exciting opportunities offered by your online bookmaker, simply because it never ends and the off-season lasts just a few weeks. But before you think of diving into the world of tennis betting, understand that there's plenty of important factors that influence the outcomes of your tennis bets and that you firstly need to know how to bet on tennis matches.

This article will explain to you the main factors you should keep in mind when placing your tennis bets, and help you to not only achieve extra entertainment through tennis betting, but also to help you place smarter bets so that you actually earn money and improve your betting skills.

1. Get to Know the Tennis Players

If you want to take tennis betting in a serious way you obviously have to get to know the players first. You can hardly correctly predict the final outcomes of tennis matches and generate a long term profit if you do not know the strenghts and weaknesses of the players and their playing styles. So turn your TV on, watch as many tennis matches and match highlights as you can, or even better attend the tennis stadiums and gain the information about the players.

All of you probably know Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic quite well but you will be rarely betting on tennis matches involving just these top players, so you should know at least most of Top 100 players and ideally much more. Getting to know the players outside of the top few will go a long way in improving your tennis betting success ratio. Can you answer what is player's favourite surface? What is his favourite shot and biggest weapon? Or what are his latest results? If yes, then it is a good start for you!

2. Court Surface

No other factor has a greater impact on the final result of a tennis match than the surface the match is being played on. There are four types of court surfaces used in professional tennis. Grass, clay, carpet and outdoors or indoors hard courts each have unique features that favor certain players and limit the others. If you fail to account for the impact of the playing surface, you will make fundamental errors in your tennis betting.

There are many match-ups in which one player is an overwhelming favourite on one surface but a considerable outsider on the other surfaces. So when betting on tennis matches, it is important to understand how well a player plays on a surface. The importance of a playing surface is lower than in the past decades as these days most of the players are pretty universal and well capable of playing on all surfaces but there are still many clay court (or hard court) specialists and players that clearly favor one surface in front of the others.

3. Recent Form and Latest Results

A player's recent form is important when betting on tennis. You need to know not only how well or badly a player has been performing lately, but also his (or her) mental state. In tennis, the mental facet and level of confidence are huge and often play much more important role than traditional tennis skills. In general you should pay less attention to what a player has done in previous years, and more attention to recent tournaments. Players who are hot are usually hot for a reason. It may be a new coach who has helped them improve their baseline game or helped develop their fitness. It may be that a talented youngster has finally started to fulfil his potential and his time has finally come. Or it might be a lack of injuries that plagued player's career in the previous seasons.

It is said that form is temporary but class is permanent. So you should never understimate former top class players that are already way behind their prime and left their positions on the top of the game but are always well capable of showing some great tennis. Experience and mental strenght really play an important role in tennis, so better take this into consideration when placing your tennis bets.

4. Head to Head

The Head to Head statistics show you how the players have fared against each other in the past and who have been more successful in their previous meetings. The more matches they have played against each other, the more important factor it becomes and the more confidence you should have in the results when betting on tennis. Obviously the results of the most recent matches are much more important and relevant to the upcoming match than a few years old results. Tennis is an one-on-one combat and as such puts even more emphasis on the mental side of the game. Without any obvious reason some players have a mental block against others and this even if they are ranked higher and are supposedly the more skilled players than their opponent.

An excellent example of the importance of the Head 2 Head is the match-up between two Spaniards David Ferrer and Nicolas Almagro, where Ferrer leads 13-0, despite Almagro being a regular Top 20 player for many years.

5. Playing Style

In football there are teams that are winning their matches mainly thanks to their powerful offense but also teams that are getting their victories thanks to the brilliant defensive style of play and the same happens in tennis. This sport offers many different styles of play - some players possess a big serve that brings them plenty of easy points and are really hard to break, other rely on their athleticism, great movement and excellent defensive skills. Before placing your tennis bets you have to take into consideration how the playing styles of both player will match each other and how effective these styles can be on the court surface. Ignoring this factor often leads to costly mistakes in tennis betting.

6. Choosing a Bookmaker

Making the right choice of online bookmaker means choosing a reputable, financially sound company which most closely matches your tennis betting tastes. Many people are ignoring this and do not see the importance of this factor but it may play an extremelly important role on your way to successful tennis betting and separate those that can achieve a profit from those that fail on the tennis betting markets.

If you are any kind of a serious tennis bettor then your number one choice among sports bookmakers should be Pinnacle Sports as it has the highest odds on the market and do not limit successful player. Pinnacle Sports could become the decisive factor on your way to long term success in tennis betting.

7. Latest News

Tennis is an individual sport, so many factors can influence the player's performance and you should always pay attention to latest news such as changes in coaching team, health problems, family issues etc. when placing your tennis bets. If a player's wife just filed for divorce, he's not likely to play well in next days. If his father passed away recently, he may not have practiced much lately and his focus may be off the court. If a player was photographed on a party last night, he will likely not show his best tennis next day. There are an infinite number of things that could affect a player's focus, motivation, fitness or confidence and you should pay attention to all of them if you plan to succeed when betting on tennis. A good way to track these types of things is to see if the player has a Twitter or a Facebook account that can give you an insight to what is going on with a player right now.

8. Injuries and Health Issues

It has been already partly mentioned in the previous point. If a player is returning from a long injury break then it's obvious that he isn't going to be performing at the highest level. Any prolonged absence from the game is going to throw the player's rhythm and subsequently his play will suffer. Most of the players need some time to gain a match practice and start playing his best tennis again. Or would you feel confident when betting on tennis match involving a player who is just coming back after long injury break?

9. Choosing the Right Tennis Bets


10. Discipline

People often tend to understimate the importance of discipline in sports betting but this is one of the most important factors. You have to learn how to deal with loosing streaks and not to feel overconfident if you are winning, how to stay calm in all situations and stick to your betting strategy.

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