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Can Nadal make it nine in Paris?

Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of tennis knows that Rafael Nadal has won a record eight French Opens at Roland Garros over the last nine years - slipping up just the one time back in 2009 when he lost in the fourth round to Robin Soderling. This, of course, left the door open for the man Nadal has beaten in four of his eight French Open finals, the great Roger Federer.

In fact, it almost became a tradition for years that Paris "belonged" to the power-packed Spaniard - whereas the graceful Swiss was King of Wimbledon. Each won once in the other's domain - but these were relative aberrations.

And with Nadal once more at the top of his game, the outcome of the 2014 French Open seems yet another foregone conclusion; surely Rafa will make it nine?

There can't be many tennis fans out there who wouldn't like to see this happen. But unfortunately, life doesn't always go the way the majority would like it to. And what's interesting from a betting viewpoint is that the bookmakers also seem to think it's much more of a foregone conclusion than those who understand the game truly realise.

Specifically, Nadal is a best-priced 4/6 to win the season's second major, followed by Novak Djokovic at around 7/4. Djokovic ran Nadal pretty close the year before last - losing the final in four sets; 6?4, 6?3, 2?6, 7?5. Perhaps more to the point - in last year's semi-final the two played one of the greatest matches in Roland Garros history - a match that lasted 4 hours, 37 minutes and was as much about who'd blink first like two poker maestros - as it was about tennis skill. Nadal eventually won through 6?4, 3?6, 6?1, 6?7, 9?7, but it couldn't get much tighter.

Then, of course, there's a completely re-vitalised Roger Federer to contend with - who would like nothing more than to shock the world in Paris. Also, there's the wild-card; the ever-present possibility of the new kid on the block bursting through - whoever that may be. And finally, there's the possibility of injury affecting Nadal.

All in all, if you had to stake your life on the outcome of this year's French Open, you'd surely place that bet on Nadal - though there would be those who'd opt for Djokovic. But you don't have to do that and his amazing run can't continue forever.

Nadal will turn 28 on June 3rd just five days before the final of this year's French Open. This may not seem old, but for one of the world's top tennis players, it's no spring chicken either. Let's hope that Nadal can go on to make it a record-setting nine or even ten French Open championships but - though you wouldn't exactly bet against it - don't take the current odds on offer.

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