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List of the Most One-Sided Head-2-Head's

Tennis is an one-on-one combat and as such puts even more emphasis on the mental side of the game. Without any obvious reason some players have a mental block against others and this even if they are ranked higher and are supposedly the more skilled players than their opponent. It also happens that one player does not like the playing style of other player and so has enormous problems to find a way to beat such an opponent. All this is reflected in the Head-to-Head statistics that shows how the players have fared against each other in the past and who have been more successful in their previous meetings. The more matches the players have played against each other, the more important factor it becomes.

When Spaniard David Ferrer beat his fellow countryman Nicolas Almagro 6-4 6-2 in the semifinals of the ATP World Tour event in Buenos Aires, he has not only advanced to the final of this South American clay court event but also improved his Head-2-Head advantage over Almagro to 15-0 with the win. Right, David Ferrer is a former world No. 3 and a stable Top 10 player for many years but it is still highly surprising too see such a lopsided Head-2-Head against Nicolas Almagro, who himself is an excellent clay courter and also a long-time Top 20 player with 12 ATP Tour titles.

But it is obvious that Nicolas Almagro has a mental block in matches against his higher-ranked countrymen as he also holds similarly negative record against Rafael Nadal, who won all of their 10 previous meetings.

But these are not the only one-sided Head-2-Head's with no win for one of the players as the list includes these matchups:

  • 17-0 for Bjorn Borg against Vitas Gerulaitis (matches in years 1974 - 1981)
  • 17-0 for Ivan Lendl against Tim Mayotte (matches in years 1980 - 1990)
  • 16-0 for Ivan Lendl against Brad Gilbert (matches in years 1982 - 1991)
  • 16-0 for Ivan Lendl against Scott Davis (matches in years 1980 - 1991)
  • 15-0 for David Ferrer against Nicolas Almagro (matches in years 2006 - 2014)
  • 15-0 for Roger Federer against Mikhail Youzhny (matches in years 2000 - 2013)
  • 15-0 for Bjorn Borg against Harold Solomon (matches in years 1974 - 1980)
  • 14-0 for Roger Federer against David Ferrer (matches in years 2003 - 2012)
  • 14-0 for Roger Federer against Jarkko Nieminen (matches in years 2002 - 2014)
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