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Record Keeping

Keeping a record of all your bets may look like a pointless and time-consuming activity that does not bring any additional benefits. But you are making a big mistake if you are holding this attitude as exactly the opposite is true!

The most experienced and professional bettors are well aware of the fact that keeping a record is absolutelly essential on the way to success. All the information can help you to fine-tune your betting strategy and increase your long term profit. You can find out where are you mostly winning money, what sports or leagues are the most profitable for you, which bet types do not bring you any success or how do you react on loosing streaks. Is your money management plan working? Are you disciplined enough or sometimes chasing your losses? You will get your answers!

Sure, it may be tough to write down the results if you are currently on a long loosing streak but if you want to make a long term success and become a better bettor then you need a record of all your bets - your successes as well as your failures - in order to identify your strenghts and weaknesses. Keeping records of your sports betting activities is crucial if you have any desire of taking this seriously.

Nowaydays, keeping a record is an easy procedur and definitelly worth the time. There are many online services and various computer programs that may help you to keep a record of your bets in an easier way and save your time. You can also use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for keeping and analysing your bet record or just do it in the most classical way and use a paper notebook.

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